MCQ: As a photographer, do u often release edited portrait to female friends or unedited photos? What would u normally feel if ppl commented that girls in ur photos were ugly?

Photography is a process of understanding and appreciating.

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I am Siaojun. I like psychology, society(family relation) & photography. I came from a broken family, whereby makes me prefer warm and not strict friends. Thanks for reading my blog and trying to understand me.


She is not my girl friend~

Before new seme commenced, an amateur model called me. She told she had an important interview to go and needed me help her to choose some clothing in pyramid. Unexpected met so many Sunway students on that day, while gossip girls please listen: she was not my girl friend. :~~~~(

When we chit-chated in Starbuck, I asked her what type of boyfriend she would prefer: Engineer, Marketing or Accountant? Surprisingly, she told me she would prefer a photographer.

“Why? Do u mind as a photographer, he has to take beautiful pics for other girls? ”

“I do, but every time 1 or 2 photos only ma~. Never mind. How many photos he will take for me?”


“And you think, he will also help me take photos for my babies, and how much more lovely my babies will be in my memories. Each time our family hanging out, will left a lot good photos. When we become old, we can sit on a bench and flip those photos, recall those cherish memories together……”

This baby photo was taken in the City Church, KL. There were quite a few photographers taking photos for this little creature on that night. While I was thinking, could I make this girl's photo more interesting and more meaningful?

Seeing there were some Christian books on sale, I picked up a hard cover Bible and tried to put in front this little girl. Amazingly she opened the Bible and started to read it. “Oh~! That is my baby, see that is my baby! She is reading the Bible!”her mummy was moved by this scene and almost started crying.

I quickly set up my camera and captured this valuable memory for her mummy, daddy and her.


MCQ: What will you think about, if you see a girl swimming in a beach resort, while wearing a T-shirt over her swimming suit to prevent others from seeing her body?

MCQ: Assume you only have money to install 1 air-conditioner in ur house, which room will u install it?

One of my housemates does not perform his duty. Some commented that his girl friend must be immature; otherwise she won't have chosen this kind of people. Do u agree?

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