MCQ: As a photographer, do u often release edited portrait to female friends or unedited photos? What would u normally feel if ppl commented that girls in ur photos were ugly?

Photography is a process of understanding and appreciating.

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I am Siaojun. I like psychology, society(family relation) & photography. I came from a broken family, whereby makes me prefer warm and not strict friends. Thanks for reading my blog and trying to understand me.


What type of girl friend would I prefer? 3

What type of girl friend would I prefer? 3

As you know, I was born in a broken family. When I was young, papa and mama always fought. As the results, I am not very good at socializing or communicating. I knew it myself. It is not whining, actually a broken family meant a lot of things and many would out of ur imagination.

For instance, mama and papa smashed porcelains on floor last night, what would they feel afraid on today, after going to work? Kids brought some little friends to their house, saw the not yet cleaned mess and then rumors would spread all over the apartments. My mama and papa were very smart. When I was young, I was strictly not allowed to bring any friends back to my house.

Another example, every time I saw my mama was in a dark face, as she beat her kids a lot for no reason, my instinct would reasonably be, leave her alone, hided myself in my little room and pretend on doing my homework. “Don’t trouble the trouble, unless the trouble troubles me.” Only this year, I read a family relation book in Sunway Library. It stated that a woman will expect her man to hug her and listen to her when she is in a bad mood. For another boy was born in a good family, which his mother seldom beats him heavily, it will be easier for him to get the right instinct from the beginning.

Unfortunately, one’s life is always tight with his background. Only I know and I am learning, I do not like a girl scold me a lot on my disabilities. I had experienced too many scoldings in my life and they are still remaining too heavy.

I would more like the type of girls, who will come to teach me how to socialize; the type of girls, who can see and who is willing to encourage me for my every little step of improvement.

This is the type of girl friends that I know will benefit my life.


MCQ: What will you think about, if you see a girl swimming in a beach resort, while wearing a T-shirt over her swimming suit to prevent others from seeing her body?

MCQ: Assume you only have money to install 1 air-conditioner in ur house, which room will u install it?

One of my housemates does not perform his duty. Some commented that his girl friend must be immature; otherwise she won't have chosen this kind of people. Do u agree?

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