MCQ: As a photographer, do u often release edited portrait to female friends or unedited photos? What would u normally feel if ppl commented that girls in ur photos were ugly?

Photography is a process of understanding and appreciating.

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I am Siaojun. I like psychology, society(family relation) & photography. I came from a broken family, whereby makes me prefer warm and not strict friends. Thanks for reading my blog and trying to understand me.


Learn to see others’ merits 9

I saw a very good article in my course mate’s blog yesterday.

Appreciation List

Today i feel so relax, peacefully sitting in front of my laptop, surfing lazily, sipping a cup of green tea latte, air conditioned rooms and comfy pajamas..This is called a h.a.p.p.y. m.o.m.e.n.t.
I have been living in this world for 23 years. I see different2 moments: happy, sad, poor, rich, famous, sicked, about to die, critical situation, achievement, loved, marriage, divorce, new life, crying, grieve, sorrow, life and death, broken-hearted and so on. I realized that my life is fully blessed.

We are human, and always never get satisfied..
We always want more, high demand, less work, and get jelaous of others.
We compare ourselves with others that literally better than us.
Always compare, compare and compare...
Including me,
I always think that he is better than me, she is prettier than me, he is smarter than me, she got more money than me, he always wear branded, how the feel to be like him or her, i wish i can be like her, i wish i am as rich as him, i wish i can get straight HD, i wish i can travel around the world like her, I wish i can get a good BF like him... and so on..

But when i think back,
i realized that i got much blesses that i never appreciated.
If i look back, there are some people that even more struggle in the their lifes. So i want to make A List of Appreciation to make my life more meaningful..
This list is to count how much happiness does GOD had blessed for me.
To see lifes in different angle and deeply thankful even to the smallest positive moment.

Thanks GOD for:
1. Letting me breathe smoothly. (try to hold your breathe and imagine if there is no oxygen!)
2. Giving me healthiness, possessing and enjoying a good health mentally and physically. (imagine if you are disabled!)
3. Blessing me with happy family. (so many of us are from broken-family).
4. Provide me with good food and enough wealth. At least i can sleep at nice room, air-conditined, fully furnished with a laptop and comfy bed, water-heater 24/7, good neighbourhood, etc.
5. Sufficient education: kindergarten to degree cert, tons of books and magz, fast internet. (Lot of us really want to study, but financially unable to support them).
6. Perfect BF: love you, dut!
7. Friends. Not letting us alone in this world.
8. Sufficient entertainment: Games, PS, toys, tv, radio, mp3 player, cinema, dvd/cd, hang out with friends, shopping.
9. Supporting gadget: handphone, laptop. (I can't live without hp)
10. Sufficient clothing: able to wear decent outfit. (Some people are hardly eat, how to spend for clothes?)
11. Free time. (Some people just don't have options but to work)
12. Experiences that makes my life colorful.
13. Sun that shine, tree and plants thats make the world green. (imagine if the world without sun!)
14. Water to quench thirst.
15. Existence of green tea: latte, candy, mochi, ice-cream.
16. Hair rebonding : i can have a lovely straight hair !! :)
17. Letting me finish off my final exam.
18. Protecting me from "bad, ugly and nasty" people out there.
19. Helping me through out my difficult time.
20. The existence of this blog.


In this world, many people cannot compare with us, in terms of money or skills. We can pity them, we can condemn them lazy, condemn them stupid; yet we can choose another approach, appreciate what we have, but not in their lives. In Sunway, one of the most expensive private colleges in Malaysia, it is easy for us to believe everyone in this peninsula may have the same or even better lives, same have papa mama pay their tuitions, same pay their chit-chatting with friends, same rationalize all their material needs and tolerate their rebellings. However, just walk out side the campus, step into the Pyramid shopping center, you will see so many of our cotemporary girls boys work as shop assistants in jewelries, bakeries, gift stores and fashion stores, no degree and none could or would pay for them.

One day, after shopping at Mid Valley, it was already very late, most shops were closing. I was waiting for the train. In front of me were a girl and her friends, who were discussing about their futures. She was pretty (much prettier than Maria) and I recognized them just working in a jewelry store. When she was working, she wore an expensive suit, a pair of new high heel slippers. But now, she was wearing a pair of POWER brand sport shoes. Those shoes were not only old, but the head of one shoe had already opened its mouth. In her left hand was a water bottle, the 1.5L Coca-Cola bottle, half of the label missing, and the rest of the half already tore, some printing had faded. In her right hand was a lunch box. I was also poor, I also brought a water bottle when hanging out, but I had never brought a lunch box.

She and her friends were discussing in a quite loud voice. Her friends planned to go UTAR, one of the cheapest colleges in KL to read a diploma. She wanted to follow, but her money would not be enough by next year, still had to wait 6 months more.

She was a very beautiful girl and I could see her like one of the boys working with her. Never the less, the boy was not interested at her. Someone left, the boy went directly and took the seat, but the girl did mind. She walked to the boy, stood aside, kept talking with him. Not only the poorness, but also the low educated friends, I thought she must have used to these kind of things.

But she was not unhappy at all. Because there was a hope in her mind, the year after next, she would be able to sit in the classroom. Though she would be elder than other students, they would probably call her “aunty” or “silly big sister”, made her often cry. But after graduation, she would have a better paid job, and might be able to save more money, and then read another year get a degree!

With a hope, she was smiling.


MCQ: What will you think about, if you see a girl swimming in a beach resort, while wearing a T-shirt over her swimming suit to prevent others from seeing her body?

MCQ: Assume you only have money to install 1 air-conditioner in ur house, which room will u install it?

One of my housemates does not perform his duty. Some commented that his girl friend must be immature; otherwise she won't have chosen this kind of people. Do u agree?

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