MCQ: As a photographer, do u often release edited portrait to female friends or unedited photos? What would u normally feel if ppl commented that girls in ur photos were ugly?

Photography is a process of understanding and appreciating.

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I am Siaojun. I like psychology, society(family relation) & photography. I came from a broken family, whereby makes me prefer warm and not strict friends. Thanks for reading my blog and trying to understand me.


From Fashion Leader to Cheater

When I lived with Mr.Help, a very handsome student from Help college, he once discussed with me that those people can accept students color their hair, dress very fashion were open minded. I am open-minded, while I just thought when those guys were used to cheat their papa mama on money to help them chasing girls, they would eventually be used to their cheating and started to cheat others, include that girl too.

From Cheat

From Cheat

From Cheat

From Cheat

These two fashion street beggars were captured by a China photographer. They claimed their mum died. They needed some donations for her funeral. They were cheating, because of the hospital, where they claimed their mum died did not exist. Furthermore, their Korean hairstyle needed around RM200 to cut, even in China.

Some girl argued a lot with me on fashions. I enjoy fashions as others. I am going to afford them only after my graduation.


MCQ: What will you think about, if you see a girl swimming in a beach resort, while wearing a T-shirt over her swimming suit to prevent others from seeing her body?

MCQ: Assume you only have money to install 1 air-conditioner in ur house, which room will u install it?

One of my housemates does not perform his duty. Some commented that his girl friend must be immature; otherwise she won't have chosen this kind of people. Do u agree?

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