MCQ: As a photographer, do u often release edited portrait to female friends or unedited photos? What would u normally feel if ppl commented that girls in ur photos were ugly?

Photography is a process of understanding and appreciating.

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I am Siaojun. I like psychology, society(family relation) & photography. I came from a broken family, whereby makes me prefer warm and not strict friends. Thanks for reading my blog and trying to understand me.


From Gaza to Jakarta

Yesterday, I saw these photos in a photography forum. A lot of Israel people climb up the Zion Mountain, to enjoy the beautiful fire crackers alike smoke bombs being dropped on top of Gaza city.

I really don’t agree with those Israelis in these photos. I understand that they have been shelled by Hamas rockets for years. But the real peace of Middle East, which I believe, could only be brought up by people who have the coverage to forget those shells.

When an Israeli sees missiles fire from Israel against Gaza city, he could say, by his heart, it is a tragic, peace is broken again.

When Hamas launches rockets against Tel-Aviv, Palestinians will feel sad, because peace is broken again.

I know this is not easy. It needs great courage for a man when his house was bombed, when bullets fly over his shoulder, even his close relatives is just gun down, he could still stay there tell everyone, he doesn’t want to revenge, there is enough stupid revenges in Middle East already. Only thing he wants now and forever is peace.

A more controversial topic is the riot 12 years ago happened in Indonesia. I keep receiving many photos from my Indonesian Chinese classmates. They suffered deeply, friends were raped, and relatives were brutally killed, shops and houses were burned. After check out those riot photos, I have no more stomach for my lunch. I totally agree that those Malays who committed murders should be prosecuted.

But I don’t agree with them told me they hated all Malays, if possible they wanted slaughter all the Malays in Indonesia.

Actually for citizens who living in Beijing, we faces the same problem. 95% of the crime cases are alleged being committed by rural workers. 99% of the homicide, rape and armed robbery cases are connected with people from rural areas. There was an infamous case that a pretty girl from extreme Christian groups, who volunteered to talk and bring warmth to those construction workers, was raped by 20 of them. When the crime was discovered, police found her body was sealed into a concrete wall. They could not get her body out because it would collapse the whole 20 story building.

But we only hate those murders. When there is no racial difference to blind our eyes, when there is no religion difference to blind our eyes, there is no Beijing citizen ever said, we should send troops tanks to slaughter all the Chinese people who lives in rural areas. This solution sounds so stupid and insane.

We know the only way is still to bring education, bring development, bring financial support and bring cares to rural areas. So a Malaysian Chinese priest from our church, after visited Beijing, he came back and told me it was very strange, he found Beijing people donated Mountains of water, food, medicines; citizens queued up to donate their savings to help people in Sichuan earth quake areas, thousands miles away from Beijing. But none wanted to talk to those construction workers just around us.

For Indonesia is the same. Indonesia has the 3rd largest population in the world, there is no way you could ever slaughter 97% of your own countrymen.

The only hope for a more stable society, a forever peaceful life, is to help improve the education of Malays, help them to be richer, narrow the gaps between poor and riches. Especially identify those moderate Islam groups, who have chance to become friends of Indonesia Chinese, financing them, help them to politically win the elections against those extreme Islam groups. And finally, don't beat ur workers,ur house maids. It is OK for u to fire them, but when beating them you are teaching them violence could be an option.

Though I understand it is a mission extremely hard.

Before New Year, I saw Panasonic and Brothers fired many workers who living in Lagoon Perdana. Economy is bad, there is a higher chance of social unstablization in Jakarta. I hope all my Indonesian Chinese friends will remain safe and sound.


MCQ: What will you think about, if you see a girl swimming in a beach resort, while wearing a T-shirt over her swimming suit to prevent others from seeing her body?

MCQ: Assume you only have money to install 1 air-conditioner in ur house, which room will u install it?

One of my housemates does not perform his duty. Some commented that his girl friend must be immature; otherwise she won't have chosen this kind of people. Do u agree?

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